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Drinking water supply

In this area of our expertise, we carry out hydraulic investigations to determine and assess the condition of existing systems. This involves our entire range of services: tendering, property site management, all the way up to developing operating instructions and control centre systems. We plan local networks, water supplies for multiple buildings and long distance water pipelines with all necessary elements (piping routing, pumping stations, high level tanks, drinking water treatment and well plant). We also coordinate all the associated specialties (design of the buildings, cathodic corrosion protection, electrical engineering, control and plant technology) which are planned and supervised during the execution of the building work. In addition, we offer specialist knowledge and experience in container renovation (concrete repair, water towers etc.). We are also naturally able to assist with grant applications as well as carrying out economic feasibility studies.

We are members of the DVWG (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.: The German Gas and Water Industry Association)

The clients: Local authorities, Drinking and district water supply associations, Industrial establishments

Drinking water supply