Peuker & Nebel mbH

Industriestr. 1, 99427 Weimar

Tel.: 0049 3643 / 74 81-0
Fax: 0049 3643 / 7481-74

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The Office

The Peuker and Nebel Engineering Office has been a successful planning and engineering company ever since its establishment in 1990. Our names – Ebehard Peuker (born 1953) and Ulrich Nebel (born 1962) - stand for our commitment.
Das Büro
We have more than 17 engineers and technicians now working in our office, who combine team spirit with the ability to work independently and are highly qualified in a range of different fields of expertise. Our highly capable project teams are a key to the strategy and success of our firm. These project-specific groups each look after their respective projects and work independently and focused right from the beginning up to final acceptance. There is one contact here which is particularly well looked after: the contact with the client.

As the owners, we obligated to our clients to undertake to carry out all phases of the design work dependably and reliably. As consulting engineers, we are also a member of the Thuringia Chamber of Engineers.