Peuker & Nebel mbH

Industriestr. 1, 99427 Weimar

Tel.: 0049 3643 / 74 81-0
Fax: 0049 3643 / 7481-74

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Complex developments

Right from the beginning of pre-planning, through planning the approval procedure, tendering and placement of contracts, construction supervision and approval and up to the final accounting control, the entire building operations are coordinated by us. Together with expert subcontractors (survey engineers, structural planners and electrical engineers), we thoroughly prepare the sites and prepare them for development. Our office coordinates with the utility companies (energy, gas, telecom, etc.) in the preparation and execution of this development work. The design and implementation of drinking water supplies, drains, sewage treatment (up to 500 residents) and road construction is all carried out in-house. Our coordination profile takes into account green planning, road lighting, railway tracks (for trams) as well as design and historically sensitive sites.

The clients: local authorities, cities and municipalities and developers