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Drinking water supply

Complex renovation of elevated tank in Rautenberg

Renovation of drinking water tanks, 2 x 2800 m³, complete pipe fitting, plant including 2 pump assemblies, electrical equipment, 350 m of DN 500 sewer, 3 km cable line
Fernwasserleitung OFL 06 c

Connection to external water supply at Altenburg

21 km of DN 400/500 PN 25 pipeline, pipeline construction
Fernwasserleitung OFL 06 c

Long distance OFL 06 c water pipeline

21 km of DN 400 pipeline, pipeline construction, extension of elevated tank in Weißensee

Renovation of elevated tank in Beichlingen

Rebuilding and renovation of reinforced concrete drinking water tank

Renovation of elevated tank in Gelmeroda

Rebuilding and renovation of valve chamber

Renovation of elevated tank in Thränitz

Renovation of elevated tank, 2 x 5000 m³, new construction of valve chamber, technological plant and pipe relining

Renovation of elevated tank in Volkmannsdorf

Renovation of water chambers and control house, containing 2 x 150 m³ of water