Peuker & Nebel mbH

Industriestr. 1, 99427 Weimar

Tel.: 0049 3643 / 74 81-0
Fax: 0049 3643 / 7481-74

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The Peuker & Nebel mbH (IGPN) engineering company is a limited company established in 1999. The managing partners are Mr. Eberhard Peuker (graduate engineer) and Mr. Ulrich Nebel (graduate engineer).

The Peuker & Nebel mbH engineering company provides planning services within the field of engineering (planning, construction supervision / local constructional supervision), in particular in the context of syndicates with other planning partners.

General planning tasks and project management are taken care of, as well as the provision of project management services for building contractors (process planning, quality assurance, building site organization and invoicing).

The Peuker & Nebel GbR engineering office acts as a service provider for the majority of the work.